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Kooky Pants Comedy Duo

Sometimes dramatic. Frequently bizarre. Always kooky. 

Aeriel and Betsaida are Kooky Pants in a fast-paced, character-driven improvised story inspired by a song lyric.  This duo has nearly 15 years of combined improv experience and has been performing together for over four years in various shows and festivals. They enjoy exploring the human condition on-stage.  The relationships they create are complex but relatable and the duo is not afraid to dive deep in search of larger universal truths. Aeriel and Betsaida enjoy challenging each other on-stage by creating dynamic characters and then fluidly swapping those characters and having fun with a mimicked interpretation of the other. Aeriel and Betsaida hope the audience leaves their show feeling something kooky. 

About the show

Kooky Pants gets a song lyric suggestion from the audience and has the entire audience sing it together. The song fuels a two character scene and Kooky Pants explores these two characters and their relationship before introducing the audience to the other characters of that world. The fun of this show is the story and cast of multiple characters played by Aeriel and Betsaida; during the show they swap characters and continue with a slightly different and often hilarious interpretation of the other. Some scenes play like a fast-paced carousel of characters that will have the audience's head spinning. The set wraps up with an improvised song set to a randomized karaoke track. 

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