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Spark your kid's imagination with the Improv Story Show!
This unique event is half workshop, half performance, and ALL online.


Using a ZOOM virtual meeting, we’ll start with some improv games to get their creativity flowing, then Betsaida & Jessilee will guide kids through creating a never before told story on the spot from beginning to end. Kids will use their imagination, work collaboratively, listen to each others ideas, be encouraged to be silly, have fun, and even make some new friends.

This event is designed for children ages 4-9.

Cost is $10 for the session.
One face per screen allows for maximum participation.



Email Betsaida:

Or text/call (916) 573-0301

improv story show instructors.png

About the Instructors


Betsaida LeBron built her practice on a 14-year career that has combined psychology, education, and improv performance. She has worked as a tutor/teacher/coach to both children and adults, including supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. Betsaida is also a veteran improviser with over a decade of experience in performing, directing, and teaching improv. She began performing with ComedySportz and is an alum of the renowned iO-Chicago Improv Training Program and Bay Area Theatre Sports (BATS) in San Francisco. In 2011 she co-founded Blacktop Comedy Club in Rocklin, CA, and developed improv training curriculum and facilitated weekly community improv workshops. She has taught workshops at comedy festivals and held corporate improv training workshops across the nation.


Jessilee Windhaus is a proud Sacramento native and a firm believer in the power of applied improvisation. With a background in both short form and long form comedy, she is a 17-year improv veteran who has performed in cities all across the country and has been teaching improv for a decade. Jessilee holds a BA in Theatre and Dance from Sacramento State University and is the Co-Founder of the local performing arts nonprofit Empire Arts Collective which seeks to provide resources to performing artists. She also founded That Plus Chips live sketch and improv comedy ensemble. She has toured with the world-renowned Missoula Children’s Theatre and was a mainstage performer at Sacramento Comedy Spot and ComedySportz Sacramento where she served as the Director of the High School League program. Other comedy credits include Sutter Street Theatre, Garbeau’s Dinner Theatre, Dangerous Men/Dangerous Women, The Dinner Detective, CSU Sacramento, and Bike City Theatre Company where she served as the Director of Sketch.

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