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Using my background in educational psychology and over 12 years of experience in performing, teaching, and coaching improv, I've created a series of workshops that use improv to help participants connect with others and themselves in a fun and supportive learning environment.     

Improv for Everyone

Introduction to Improv

In this multi-week workshop we explore spontaneity, confidence, and awareness in a fun, light-hearted, and supportive environment. Students are encouraged to take risks and laugh as they develop a solid toolbox of skills for both improv and life.   


Playing with Confidence

In this 3-hour workshop we focus on building confidence by acknowledging fear and self doubt in a supportive environment using a series of fun improv exercises.    

Improv for Performance

Playing with Joy

In this 3-hour workshop we focus on unleashing your inner child by being in the moment and accessing our innate enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity, and imagination.  Come learn how to play with joy! 

Instant Characters

In this 3-hour workshop you will learn specific tools and techniques for creating captivating characters with depth on the spot.  Come play and unleash the cast of characters inside you!

Unwrap It!

In this 3- hour workshop we focus on recognizing what already exists on-stage and how to let the characters, scene, and story unfold naturally.  There's already a strong and hilarious scene on-stage just waiting for you to bring to life, so come join the fun and unwrap it!

Make It Work!

In this 3- hour workshop we focus on finding opportunity in those awkward and difficult moments that arise on-stage.  You'll learn tips for preventing these situations and techniques for dealing with them.  Come have some fun and learn how to make it work!  

*All workshop curricula created by Betsaida LeBron

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