improv skills for

off stage


Because the best leaders know how to improvise!

join us for improv
on Wednesdays


The Wednesday Windup is a virtual weekly drop-in workshop hosted by Betsaida LeBron. 
It's a fun and supportive space that combines purpose with playfulness!

what is improv
off stage? 

Even if you're not a performer and never plan step on stage, you can benefit from learning improv skills that will help you live and work off stage.


Think about it...


We all are improvising all the time.

No one gave you a script this morning with all the lines and actions of the day.... We're ALL just winging it aka improvising!


But learning how to think like an improviser can help you:

  • Learn how to be more flexible and adaptable

  • Stay focused and concentrated under pressure

  • Build trust and connection with others more easily

  • Strengthen your problem-solving skills

  • Increase your emotional intelligence (EQ)

  • Find more fun in your day to day!

Learn how to be more open, more playful, and push yourself outside of your comfort zone with Betsaida!

NOW, just for fun!

Enjoy this comedy video...