🖐🏽 I'm Betsaida 

I am

a Storyteller,

an Improviser,

and a Comedian.

What people are saying about improv with betsaida

I'm an improviser, storyteller, comedian and a master at creating brave spaces that foster inclusivity, collaboration, and fun!

My background is psychology and education. I am fascinated with how we learn and how we think. I know building a community of emotionally intelligent leaders will have a huge impact toward creating a kinder, healthier, and more compassionate world.

Laughter has always had a healing effect in my life, and I loved the opportunity to make others laugh. So while I worked in mental health services during the day, I couldn't wait to do improv and stand-up comedy at night and on the weekends. 

It took me years to finally understand that work and play are interconnected and that you can't wait until everything is perfect to jump into your dreams! So now I teach how to have more fun, build emotional intelligence, and overcome obstacles.

Because play isn't just about having fun. It's also about rising to the challenge and stepping outside of your comfort zone. You gotta be a little brave to have a lot of fun!

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