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Hi! I'm Betsaida.

I'm a storyteller, improviser, and comedian. My unconventional journey fuses my educational background in Psychology and my performance experience as an improviser and comedian. I worked by day as a mental health advocate, while moonlighting as a comedian. But I quickly noticed that laughter helped connect people and promotes mental wellness.

Improv is the best of my interests smashed together in a beautiful ball of chaos. My favorite part of teaching improv is the way that it shifts your mindset to be more open and collaborative. I believes that something special happens when a group can open up and laugh together. To genuinely laugh you have to connect, understand, and feel understood. To connect with people you have to let your guard down and when we're more genuine and authentic we show our best selves and see the best in others. 

I feel fortunate to do what I love and help others (re)discover their potential and find connection through improv!    

improv credits

I've performed with ComedySportz, completed training programs at the renowned iO-Chicago Improv Theater and Bay Area Theatre Sports (BATS) in San Francisco, co-founded Blacktop Comedy Club in Rocklin, CA, and traveled across the country to perform and teach improv.  I've taught 1000+ hours of improv workshops, from beginning to advanced improv classes, and directed several character-based improv genre shows, including a Shakespearean romantic comedy, musical, western, and teen slasher horror film.

I perform throughout Sacramento, California with various improv teams. Check out the Upcoming  Shows for a list of performances.

I am also the founder of ImprovEQ, a consulting/training organization that teaches how to apply the concepts of improvisational theater and emotional intelligence to the workplace.

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